Health Insurance Information

Student Health Benefit Plan

The University of Minnesota Duluth provides coverage for the health care needs of its students by offering one of the best and most comprehensive student health insurance plans in the country, known as the Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP). The combination of the SHBP and Student Services Fee allows students to be seen at UMD Health Services for general office visits at no cost and some services at a reduced cost.

The University requires all degree-seeking students (enrolled for 6 or more credits) who are automatically assessed the Student Services Fees to have health insurance. Students who meet this requirement will automatically be enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan unless they provide proof of private verifiable health insurance coverage prior to the waiver deadline (see Health Plan Waiver below).

Spouse(s) or domestic partner(s) (same sex) and/or dependent(s) of students are only eligible to enroll in the plan if the student enrolls during the open enrollment period (in the fall semester). 

Learn more about the Student Health Benefit Plan.

Health Plan Waiver

The information below is provided by the The Office of Student Health Benefits webpage

Students taking 6 or more credits are automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) unless they waive the coverage. A charge for coverage on the SHBP will appear on your student account. You are eligible to waive enrollment on this plan if you have health plan coverage for the entirety of each semester. If you do not appropriately waive the SHBP by the established deadline, you will be enrolled and billed for the entire semester. Approved waivers are valid for one year.

To waive the Student Health Benefit Plan, you will need:

  1. Name of your insurance company,
  2. Your member ID number,
  3. Your group number, and
  4. Your payer ID number.

This information can be entered provided online through the deadline in the MyU Student Center. If you have additional questions or concerns, please call the Student Health Benefits Office in Boynton Health Services at the Twin Cities Campus by calling 1-800-232-9017 or 612-624-0627 or e-mail [email protected].

International Students Health Insurance

University of Minnesota Duluth policy requires that all international students, scholars and their dependents to have health insurance while in the United States. Health care in the United States is complicated and very expensive - one illness can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and financially devastate you and your family.

The University of Minnesota Duluth mandates that all international students and their dependents be enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) unless they are eligible for a waiver. See waiver details.

Learn more information about health insurance for International students.

Graduate Assistant Plan

The insurance plan for graduate assistants at the Duluth campus is provided by Health Partners. For questions about the plan, please call Customer Service at 612-624-0627 or toll free 1-800-232-9017.

Summer Health Information

If you were enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan during spring semester, you will be automatically covered by the Plan through the summer months at no additional charge.

Students taking 3 or more credits:

If you are a degree-seeking student enrolled for 3 or more eligible credits during the summer session, you are automatically assessed the Summer Student Service Fee, which includes the Health Services Summer Fee. 

Students not enrolled for summer session and students taking less than 3 credits:

Students not enrolled for summer session or students taking less than 3 credits must pay the Health Services Summer Fee or are billed an office visit, if they wish to use Health Services. 

Graduate Students

The Health Services Summer Fee does not apply to graduate students insured through the Graduate Assistant Plan.

Non-UMD college students (does not apply to UMD senior visitors)

Office calls will be billed to the patient or to their insurance. The Health Services Summer Fee does not apply. If you have any questions pertaining to summer Student Health Benefit Plan coverage or the Health Services Summer Fee, please call Health Services at 218-726-8155.