Study Abroad Information and Travel Immunizations

Steps To Take 

Students who have been scheduled for a Study Abroad Physical should do the following prior to their medical appointment at Health Services.

  • Please visit the CDC for up to date information on Traveler’s Health and Travel Vaccinations, alerts for precautionary information and traveler’s notices. 

Immunizations Available

Health Services is able to offer some travel immunizations (we offer: Tdap, Hepatitis A, B, Twin-Rix, MMR, Meningitis, HPV, Mantoux testing, Flu Shots), but some other immunizations may need to be done at the Travel Center at St. Luke’s or Essentia Clinic.

  • You will need to bring along your immunization history (all vaccinations you have received).  If you do not have this information, please check with your primary physician.
  • Bring all your physical forms and paperwork, please make sure you have completed the section with your personal information and history.
  • Bring your insurance card and all other necessary paperwork requested by Health Services.

How to get your immunization records

Minnesota Residents

Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is a statewide system that collects electronic immunization information. Patients can request their immunization record from MIIC.  Not all clinics enter data so your record may be incomplete.

Wisconsin Residents

Click here to access your public WI immunization records. You will need to input some personal information (First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number) and then you can print your records.