Hepatitis B Infection: Screening and Testing Guidelines

What is Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a virus that attacks the liver. Hepatitis B can cause liver cancer, but there are treatments that can help keep your liver healthy. People with hepatitis B usually do not have symptoms, but they can pass the disease to others. There is a safe and effective vaccine that can prevent hepatitis B. 

Recommendations for Hepatitis B Screening, Testing and Vaccination in Older Adolescents and Adults. 

Screening and Testing Summary for 2023 Recommendations

Who should be tested for hepatitis B?

CDC recommends hepatitis B testing for:

  • All adults aged 18 years and older once in their lifetime
  • All pregnant people early during each pregnancy
  • People who are at ongoing risk for exposure should be tested periodically
  • Infants born to pregnant people with HBV infection
  • Any person who requests hepatitis B testing