Attention and Focus

Attention and Focus

  • Attention is an executive skill that can be developed. 
  • Our brains can be trained to pay attention to one thing at a time.
  • Paying attention to one thing in the present moment takes practice. 
  • Success or failure should not be based on your perception of slowing your thoughts. 
  • Just Practice.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Resources

  • Neuroscientist: You Will Never Lack Focus Again! Mindset Mentor (8:12)
  • ADHD Meditation, try this 3 minute meditation (6:35) Seth Perler
  • How to MEDITATE with ADHD and Executive Function (CAN it even be done?) 22:45 Seth Perler (0 – 4:44 intro) 
  • Meditation for ADHD That Actually Works! (with guided mindfulness meditation practice) Being Integrated (18:20)
  • Guided Meditation for ADHD (Voice Only, No Music) (20:18)  Declutter The Mind (focuses on physical sensations)
  • Declutter the Mind (focuses on breathing) (10:40)


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