Student Health Survey

College Student Health Survey

The College Student Health Survey (CSHS) was designed by Boynton Health Service at The University of Minnesota to give postsecondary institutions a comprehensive look at the health of their students. The survey measures eight key areas: Health Insurance and Health Care Utilization, Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Use, Tobacco Use, Personal Safety, Financial Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity, and Sexual Health. The University of Minnesota Duluth has utilized this survey tool periodically to gauge the health behaviors of students on our campus.


For more information about the College Student Health Survey at UMD, contact Lauretta Perry at [email protected].

Survey Results:

2021 Survey Report

2018 Survey Report

2015 Survey Report

2013 Survey Report

2010 Survey Report

How Does UMD use the survey data?

The University of Minnesota Duluth uses the survey data is a number of ways, as indicated below:

  • The survey data guides health education programming on campus
  • The survey data is utilized in policy and procedure decision-making on campus
  • Peer Health Education groups use the statistics from the survey on alcohol use and sexual health to address social norms in their presentations to students
  • The data is disseminated across campus for use in various departments and academic units
  • The data is assessed by advisory committees and incorporated into recommendations to administration
  • References to survey data in grant proposals give strength and credibility to funding requests for initiatives to meet student health needs