Alcohol & Cannabis

Cannabis Basics:

  • Delay 2-3 hours after smoking
  • Delay 6+ hours after eating edibles
  • Legal in the state of MN for those 21+
  • Stored in fatty tissue. Check out this site for more information.
Impact on Academics 
  • Inconclusive evidence 
  • Create a low key Distraction to focus on (put in a movie). Leafly  


Edibles Graphic

Alcohol Basics:

  • Delay 1-2 hours per drink
  • Under 21 = zero tolerance
  • Age 21+ = .08 BAC
  • Rates vary according biological sex, body mass, food consumed and more. See the Virtual Bar for more information.
Impact on Academics 
  • 1 night of drinking = 48 hours of reduced focus 
  • 2 nights of drinking =  5 days of reduced focus


Alcohol Serving Size Image



Campus and Community Resources:

Alcohol or Cannabis Self-Assessments  

Alcohol Education Courses

A one credit course will be offered in through the Twin Cities Campus, called "Alcohol and College Life" starting in the fall of 2022. Check back for more information.

Seeking Support

CSEM (Comprehensive Support and Education Meeting) – One on one meeting with Lauretta Perry: [email protected]

AA meetings – For the most up to date list of meetings in the Duluth community, virtual and in-person click here  

Substance use assessments & Recovery Resources

Taking a Tolerance Break from Weed

Resources and Information for parents 

Parent brochure and UMD specific statistics on substance use.